Working in The Tolkien Centre

Teacher Profile

* Teach English as a foreign language to Basque/Spanish speaking children, teenagers and adult students in afternoon and evening hours from Monday to Friday.

* To model the correct use of English in a natural and open fashion by delivering the lesson goals and contents in English.


Ideal Personality Traits

* Be a ‘team player’ and be prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ for students and staff.

* Outgoing and energetic with a healthy outlook on life.

* Good people skills at all levels and ages



* We give priority to the CELTA preparatory certificate or diploma in foreign language teaching but in certain cases we will accept other internationally recognized second-language teaching qualifications.

* Applicants must have had experience in teaching groups of at least 10 students at an educational centre.

Prospective applicants are required to go through an interview process. If you would like to be considered for a position here at The Tolkien Centre please send us a copy of your CV to the following email address,

All correspondence will be treated confidentially.